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Education is the Key to Financial Planning Success


Chris Longworth has four decades of experience in finance, business and systems implementation. From the time he graduated college, whether he has been assisting clients or helping businesses maximize efficiency, his goal has been to educate. Chris actively seeks out higher learning himself, and that drive transcends his own journey. It has evolved into a love for teaching and service, and he has structured his show around deconstructing misconceptions and answering questions openly and honestly. With each episode, you can learn to employ strategies to fulfill your expectations of your money.

Chris Longworth

Nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor

Chris is a big personality and a veteran in the financial education industry. He’s driven by his love for learning, and his understanding of the educational process has turned him into an incredible teacher to anyone who craves answers. Chris views the current market as predatory, filled with salespeople and advice that tends to be misleading or risky. That’s why he has no desire to be a salesman. He believes in tried-and-true allocation of resources and shepherding clients down the proper path with an emphasis on pushing toward a specific goal. If your goal is to protect your money through retirement to guarantee the quality of life you’re accustomed to, why risk it?

Chris grew up in Southern California and moved to Northern California as a teenager. He received a bachelor’s degree in business from California State University, Sacramento as one of the first members of a community college extension program. He now lives in Anacortes, Washington, which he absolutely adores. Tourists come from around the world to visit his city, but he gets to call it home. He spends his time taking in the combination of Pacific Northwest and island-style life while playing some of the most gorgeous golf courses in the United States. If he’s not behind his desk working to fight financial illiteracy, he is typically enjoying nature on a hiking trail or tending to his garden.

Education is the key to financial planning success.

— Chris Longworth


Financial Education

Goal-Oriented Retirement Education

Life-Long Retirement Income Strategies

Allocation and Diversification Guidance


Class is in session! Listen to The Money Professor live every Saturday on KIRO 97.3FM at 8am and Sundays on KTTH 770AM at noon! Chris Longworth takes you through his process of differentiating financial fact from financial fiction, giving you the knowledge and power to build a worthwhile retirement.


Chris Longworth on Why Focusing on Service Over Sales is Important 4:06

Chris shares his thoughts about education, guaranteed income and choosing financial fact over financial fiction.

Chris Longworth Talks Looking at Retirement from an Academic Perspective 4:32

Chris discusses his academic approach to properly-structured retirement plans.


The Financial Education Group, LLC is a team of highly-skilled and eager-to-serve professionals. We help clients understand the marketplace without pushing them into its pitfalls. We are focused on truth and facts, not hype and fiction. By uncovering the truth about how to protect retirement plans and long-term wealth, we can eliminate misinformation and manage expectations. We can then guide you toward the implementation of tried and true methods of preserving wealth to ensure that your retirement accounts are ready when you finally get to chase your dreams. In this predatory market, the best way to avoid becoming prey is through education.

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