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Financial Education 101 Webinar

with The Money Professor

Join Chris Longworth

The Money Professor Live Webinar!

Please take your seat. Class is about to begin. Chris Longworth, The Money Professor, is a nationally certified financial education instructor, and now, he’s bringing his lessons directly to you. Chris believes that knowledge is everything when it comes to financial and retirement planning. Simply knowing what you have and what your options are can make all the difference in finding a safe and comfortable retirement, and The Money Professor has put together a lesson plan that can help you reach your goals.

This webinar is specifically designed for those planning for retirement, whether you’re just beginning your career or you’re deep into your golden years. Chris will cover topics like the significance of a budget, the importance of taking control of your debt, how to properly structure your retirement plan, the value of creating a lifetime of income, the keys to establishing a clear philosophy and more! Furthermore, this is meant to be an interactive experience, meaning that you should come prepared with all of your questions regarding retirement and the many different options you have about that special phase of your life. The best part? Unlike so many classes you might take to acquire valuable skills, the Financial Education 101 webinar is FREE, but spots are limited to a select number of participants. Register now to secure your seat!

Join our live class every Thursday at 6 PM PST. We’ll go over everything you need to know to make informed, educated financial decisions! Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can keep your perfect attendance.

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Meet The Money Professor

Chris Longworth

Nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor

Chris is a big personality and a veteran in the financial education industry. He’s driven by his love for learning, and his understanding of the educational process has turned him into an incredible teacher to anyone who craves answers. Chris views the current market as predatory, filled with salespeople and advice that tends to be misleading or risky. That’s why he has no desire to be a salesman. He believes in tried-and-true allocation of resources and shepherding clients down the proper path with an emphasis on pushing toward a specific goal. If your goal is to protect your money through retirement to guarantee the quality of life you’re accustomed to, why risk it?

Meet Chris Longworth

Questions About the Next Steps? Call Us: (360) 900-3837

Your goals might be right behind the next door. Let us help you unlock that door with education.”

— Chris LongworthThe Money Professor

Your goals might be right behind the next door. Let us help you unlock that door with education.”

— Chris LongworthThe Money Professor

Questions About the Next Steps? Call Us: (360) 900-3837

Class is in session! Listen to The Money Professor live every Saturday on KIRO 97.3FM at 8 a.m. and Sundays on KTTH 770AM at noon! Chris Longworth takes you through his process of differentiating financial fact from financial fiction, giving you the knowledge and power to build a worthwhile retirement.

Live every Saturday on KIRO 97.3FM at 8am & Sundays on KTTH 770AM at noon.
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