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At The Financial Education Group, our services are all-encompassing and comprehensive, giving us the opportunity to understand each individual part of your plan and how it supports and coordinates with the other components. We believe that with a singular vision, and through assessing your circumstances holistically, we can determine a course of action or a point of focus that we need to address. We also concentrate on instilling the importance of truth, facts and certainty, and though no investment is able to guarantee growth or protection, we enlist in the help of companies with lengthy histories of strength and reliability.

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Financial Education

Education is not just in our name; it’s in everything we do, and our priority is helping you understand and grasp concepts that can guide you toward a future of financial security. We do just this by leaning on information and data rather than trends and risk. With strategies that have track records of success, we can begin building a financial vision and a plan for retirement income that works to maximize your potential of achieving each of your retirement dreams. A proper financial education isn’t just information; it’s a feeling. It’s the confidence of knowing that you have a source of information and an open phone line to share ideas and confer with, and that’s what The Financial Education Group aims to be for each of our valued clients.

Goal-Oriented Retirement Education

Education is about unlocking your potential and finding financial freedom. That freedom allows you to chase your goals, no matter what they might be, and those goals will be different for each person. When you work with The Financial Education Group, our partnership begins with a thorough examination of your circumstances, your needs and your objectives. Then, we can tailor our service to your individual requirements to help you find a path based on facts and truth. We also provide resources that can help you as you progress, giving you the ability to adapt and adjust right alongside your circumstances and goals. We think you should get to choose the lifestyle you want to live in retirement, and we’re prepared with the tools you need to get there.

Lifelong Retirement Income Strategies

Modern estimates say that today’s retirees will need four or five different sources of income. That means that one retirement account will not sufficiently fund your goals and dreams. The Financial Education Group is prepared to help you find further avenues to provide for your future, including options that offer income for life, no matter how long you live. These strategies are backed by the strength of major companies with lengthy histories of supporting their claims, giving retirement savers confidence in asset classes that are not tied to the market and offer protection from the many risks of retirement. We can show you how these products have the potential to work for you and help you secure a source of funds that you cannot drain.

Allocation and Diversification Guidance

Though a diversified portfolio doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in retirement, it has the potential to be helpful when it comes to protecting you from risks in different sectors of the financial marketplace. We focus on helping you find an asset allocation that accounts for your circumstances, your tolerance for risk and your needs. Then we can explain the potential positives and negatives of each part of your portfolio, allowing you to see how you may be affected by factors like stock market volatility, high interest rates, high inflation and more. We also offer solutions that can mitigate the effects of different retirement risks and realities, giving you confidence in a portfolio that contains options and products used to protect your funds throughout retirement.

Meet The Money Professor

Chris Longworth

Nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor

Chris is a big personality and a veteran in the financial education industry. He’s driven by his love for learning, and his understanding of the educational process has turned him into an incredible teacher to anyone who craves answers. Chris views the current market as predatory, filled with salespeople and advice that tends to be misleading or risky. That’s why he has no desire to be a salesman. He believes in tried-and-true allocation of resources and shepherding clients down the proper path with an emphasis on pushing toward a specific goal. If your goal is to protect your money through retirement to guarantee the quality of life you’re accustomed to, why risk it?

Meet Chris Longworth

Questions About the Next Steps? Call Us: (360) 900-3837

Your goals might be right behind the next door. Let us help you unlock that door with education.”

— Chris LongworthThe Money Professor

Your goals might be right behind the next door. Let us help you unlock that door with education.”

— Chris LongworthThe Money Professor

Questions About the Next Steps? Call Us: (360) 900-3837

Class is in session! Listen to The Money Professor live every Saturday on KIRO 97.3FM at 8 am & 10 am on KTTH 770AM. Sundays on KTTH 770AM at noon! Chris Longworth takes you through his process of differentiating financial fact from financial fiction, giving you the knowledge and power to build a worthwhile retirement.

Live Saturdays on KIRO 97.3FM at 8am & 10 am on KTTH 770 AM. Sundays on KTTH 770AM at noon.
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