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Chris Longworth, founder of The Financial Education Group and Nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor (NFEC), was just featured in the article, “Why Boomers Aren’t Done Learning About Money.”

First appearing in, the article was picked up by MSN, Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ, Yahoo News and several other online publications.

The premise of the article is that baby boomers might be getting older, but they’re not ready to ride off into the sunset and never have to think about anything new—like financial matters—ever again. As an educator in the field of retirement planning, Chris pointed out specifically that baby boomers are not finished learning about money.

“Financial literacy is a lifelong journey that should never end,” Chris Longworth says. “The financial world is continually in flux. Ever-changing rules require boomers to remain educated in order to stay ahead of the curve. These rules even present opportunities for boomers to pass their financial wisdom to the next generation.”

Baby boomers

You might be getting older, but you’re not done learning about money yet.

The article specifically mentions Social Security filing strategies, and money management approaches to investments in the stock market, which may impact retirees who are living much longer lives. (NOTE: There may be options to the stock market that can hedge against market volatility while protecting investment principal.)

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